Founded in 1990, Skålmusik (pronounced Skoalmusik) of Brainerd, Minnesota is a five piece ensemble that performs traditional Scandinavian and Scandinavian /American dance and vocal music. Native midwesterners often remark that Skålmusik really knows how to "put the 'yump'" in their tunes! They have toured widely in the midwest and beyond, playing at a wide variety of events including ethnic festivals, community celebrations, state fairs, historical societies and, of course, old time dances.

Descendants of immigrant Swedes and Norwegians to Minnesota, Skålmusik plays the music of their heritage on fiddles, accordions, pump organ, guitar and string bass, to songs both poignant and humorous. They especially like to play music for old time dancing. In fact, it's been said by more than one local fan that "there should be a law against any festival that hires you guys and doesn't provide a floor for dancin' on!" Skålmusik specializes in tailoring their performances to each individual situation, from elementary school programs to elderhostels. Their aim is always the same: to have a great time and to make sure that everyone else does too!

Skålmusik has produced four recordings on the Timmerhus label, "Gammaldans i Skogen" in 1997, "The Barnburner" in 1999,  "Skålmusik: Scandinavian Potluck" in 2003, and "Skalmusik: Tuesday Morning Kaffe" in 2009. Members of Skålmusik have made a name for themselves not only as musicians and entertainers, but as bearers of a long tradition that they cherish and are working tirelessly to keep alive.

Minnesota Public Radio did a story about us.Take a look, or listen to it HERE.

SKÅLMUSIK has performed at a reception for the King and Queen of Sweden at the Governor's mansion in Minnesota and appeared on National Public Radio coast to coast on Garrison Keillor's, A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION. Click HERE to go to the official MPR archived web page of that event


Paul Wilson - fiddle, button accordion, vocals
Mary Abendroth- guitar, vocals, pump organ
Harold Herboldt - piano accordion
Arne Anderson - fiddle, piano accordion,
Bob Anderson - string bass


Paul Wilson 16586 Nokay Lake Rd., Brainerd, Mn 56401 218-764-2994

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All of our recordings are available from our website: Timmerhus Studios